Paul Knight

Paul Knight

its too easy its too easy. i flew from canada to hollywood. only. not because its tragic or about love. something esle is going on. if only that something else is going on. Its Nov 22, 2014. I have messed around his death. oh this is bad. an atheist would never believe me even ppl who believe in God wont believe . till u show them the dead is alive. i know ive cause proper and legal trouble in the after world. his brief visits are too brief. i am those rare ppl in the world who dead spirits can access . well 90% ppl wont believe me till u show them and establish a meeting with the dead guy. never mind. its complete. the pictures are done. its too easy. if the anti-christ is so easy to see. then . well i dont know i dont like brief visits. these visits should be for his family and friends. this is what he hinted me. please. but i dont know them. but i got to further this ‘flesh communication’ with him. boy. im mentally effected because i saw what he went thru after his transition. his shock. that this in the laws of the universe

wait. back in canada now. gotta keep this straight and simple and non-emotional:

-Its not my doing. its the doing of God only.

-I have been shown his spirit/soul in afterlife on the night of Nov 30, 2013.non-stop till now.

-i have no idea. no clue who he was. never watched those racing movies.

-spirit connection and connection where dead people go is my main domain.

-it was sad he died. the world cried. had to eventually move on but no.

– i did call his spirit a few times. it came with enormous pain and suffering.

-so many times. its frustrating.

-his interest in me is only that i am those rare ppl on this world who can commute with the dead.

-dreams are different. but the spirit coming when you are semi-awake thats the real thing.

-your body fully becomes paralyzed and the aperture between this world and the world of dead is opened.

-few seconds only.

-he cries like a little kid with hiccups that he cant speak with his friends and family.

-i flew from Canada to Hollywood for this. because the communication became more clear and longer.

-the pictures with my head in between his grave. they are ritualistic and open connection between this world and world of dead. more easily.

-there is no hallucination. its not magic. its not sub-conscious. its him. its him. its paul. it becomes emotional when prophets intervene and show mercy.

– i hate this man’s suffering. but its not all suffering. as he is not going to hell.

-i dont now see myself going to Forest Lawn again and even the crash site in Santa Clarita. because these pictures are complete to further the ritual to make the communication that he can appear more and more when im more awake.

-i have to establish his communication from the dead world to his friends and family on this world. some how. that is what he wants. thats the whole point.


-the atmospheric pressure of this world is different from the world of dead. when the barrier is broken there is turbulence like airpockets in a airplane flight.

-an atheist would never believe me, thats ok . even people who believe in God will not. this is a matter not meant to be public but i can show only his loved ones and make communication in their presence so they converse with him.

-‘flesh communication’ is the best. never i thought a body can be so easily restored and come to u in semi-consciousness. even a few seconds are priceless. better than billions of dollars.

– lastly , last night i got severe warnings of my own death. haha. apparently those angels or whatever forces of death that came and took him have strongly disliked my sprinkling of that that ‘certain water’ on his grave and crash site. because what i had recited in the water; open back the portals of the dead world to the living world. so his spirit can pass. simply. I keep faith in God.

-first time i saw fast furious movie last week. his role is so part time…

Nov 24, 2014.

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