The Omer Pasha Confession of ‘The Curse’

“The Cursed Riddles Of California”

The Curse Riddles

This. The Curse Riddles is a compilation of around 30 music videos. It is my art and I love it.True art does not come from assumption it comes through something you’ve lived through and that is why  I was particularly inspired and influenced by a certain group of my friends to produce these two compilations called  “California Midnight Women” and “The Cursed Riddles Of California.”

The Curse Riddles is basically club mixes and club medleys of 4 to 5 songs I’ve produced. They’re based on California and Vancouver, BC.

I have dedicated these videos to a certain friends of mine who all live  in the US. They’re from there. I’ve known them for 2 yrs now. They’ve given me everything, maintained my sanity. I have had the time of my life and sexual content in my videos depicts their life style and they  enabled me to feel that its ok to depict my sexuality with women, openly.

My friends who I call, “Leo and his entire gang in cyberspace” live life to the fullest. Parties, parties and very laid back down to earth people. Its like a secret club not really open to everyone. Truly my mentors.

In my videos of The Riddles I have made the effort to depict their lifestyle and the fun we have.

Leo and all his friends in cyberspace are God’s angels sent to me in human form to be my greatest brothers and sisters ever.

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